About us

CAM Training's mission is to make students successful by helping them achieve their personal and professional goals. We offer training programs designed to take the guess work out of maintaining an apartment community. We also offer EPA 608 Certification and R-410A Safety Certification training and testing public seminars as well as On-site Training at customer facilities.

Apartment Maintenance Training Program
The Apartment Maintenance Training Program prepares students to obtain entry-level positions in the Apartment Maintenance/HVAC industry.
We integrate rigorous classroom studies with experiential learning opportunities to prepare students for a lifetime of achievement.
Our hands-on classes take place in simulated work environments, allowing students to receive the skills and experience required by employers in the industry.
The Program is fast-track and career-focused; students complete school quickly and move into the working world.

EPA 608 Certification Training.
Our two to four day seminars offer intensive, high-impact training that gets workers back to the workplace quickly to apply what they’ve learned and includes the Certification Test for EPA section 608 at no extra charge (USA only).

R-410A Safety Certification Safety & Training
Our one to two day R-410A Safety Training Program addresses the issues of safe handling, training and certification with the use of R-410A and includes the Certification Test for R-410A at no extra charge (USA only).

On-Site Training
CAM Training conducts hundreds of on-site trainings at customer facilities each year. Our live on-site training is tailored to each client’s needs and equipment.

Why us?
. Our admission practices and tuition & fees are reasonable.
. We assist students in finding employment after graduation.
. We also assist employers in finding new qualified employees.
. We are accredited by the Escot Institute to administer EPA testing.

CAM Training

Public Seminars.